After School Programme

The CASPA After School Programme operates from 3pm to 6pm Monday to Friday during the school term. Casual or full-time bookings are available to suit your schedule.

As well as providing our range of exciting activities we also:

  • Free help with homework
  • Provide a nutritious afternoon tea
  • Free time for the children
  • Structured Activities based on the weekly theme

After School Programme Prices
Prices are effective from 30-09-2019.

Daily Rate:

$18.00 for one child

$34.00 for two children from the same family

$17.00 per additional child per day

Casual booking $19.00 per child

Weekly Rate:

$85.00 for one child

Follow up Fee:


A $10.00 follow up fee will be charged where we are required to follow up on an absent child when we haven’t been notified of an absence. Please report all absence directly to the CASPA Office on 03 349 9260 or email or text 0273521638.


Notification of Absent


Please report all absence directly to the CASPA Office on 03 349 9260 or email info or text 0273521638.


Two weeks’ notice, in writing, must be provided for any permanent cancellation of an enrolment. The notice period will begin from the date of formal, written notification via email to the CASPA Head Office. Failure to provide this notice period will result in full charges being applied for two weeks from either the child’s last day of attendance or the date of formal notification being received by Head Office. Any individual sessions 'cancelled' will be treated as an absence and fees will apply accordingly, i.e. family holidays, school camps.



From selected venues, we can arrange a walking bus to collect your child and transport them to a CASPA venue. Please ask us about this service. 


All children must be formally enrolled for the Before School, After School and Holiday Programmes. The number of children attending our programmes each day is limited.