Terms and Conditions

After School and Before School Enrolment:

All enrolments to be made on online using the Aimy plus Parent Portal. We are unable to accept verbal bookings. After making you online booking your will see a big green tick and a notification to say your booking is pending. Pending bookings may not be confirmed if an account is in arrears. For bookings made during term time we will endeavour to confirm your booking within the following business day. For pending bookings for the following term this will be confirmed in the last few weeks prior to the end of term. If your account is in arrears your booking may not be confirmed until your arrears has been settled. All changes to contacts details need to be made via the parent portal. It is Crucial we have up -to- date information. Further information is available under payment terms and Conditions


Holiday Programme Enrolments:

All enrolments to be made online using the Aimy plus Parent Portal. We are unable to accept verbal bookings. After making you online booking your will see a big green tick and a notification to say your booking is pending. Pending bookings may not be confirmed if an account is in arrears.  We will endeavour to confirm your booking within the following business day. A deposit of 50% is required upon confirmation. The balance of the fee is payable one week prior to the commencement of the Holiday Programme. Further information is under Payment terms and conditions.

Follow up Fee:

A $10.00 follow up fee will be charged where we are required to follow up on an absent child when we haven’t been notified of an absence. Please report all absence directly to the CASPA Office on 03 349 9260 or email info@caspa.org.nz or text 0273521638.

Contact information:

I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that the contact information, emergency contacts, medical contacts and allergy information is added to my Aimy Plus Portal.

 WINZ Subsidy:
WINZ forms are to be sent or scanned to the CASPA/Papa Jacks Office to be completed. CASPA/Papa Jacks hold no responsibility for non-payment of WINZ Subsidies if forms are not provided to us for completion and/or return to the relevant WINZ Office. Liability for payment of fees remains the responsibility of parents/caregivers in all circumstances.

Policies and Procedures:
Please see the Supervisor if you wish to view our full Policies and Procedures. It contains detailed information on all CASPA Policy and Procedures, including but not limited to the following, Health & Safety, making complaints, employment practices, etc.

Compliments, issues or concerns:
Please speak with the Supervisor in the first instance. Should you wish to take the matter further, please put your concerns in writing to the Manager at manager@caspa.org.nz.

Signing your child in and out:
Each day when you collect your child, it is essential that you sign your child out in Aimy Plus. The Supervisor will show you how to do this. We need to know that your child has gone home safely. For before school programmes or full day programmes, you will also be asked to sign your child in.

Collection of your Child:

If a person arrives to collect your child who has not been authorised, then we are obliged (for your child's safety) to keep your child in our care until you have been located for consent. To save embarrassment for all concerned, we would appreciate prior notification from you on this matter. This can be done by adding them into your Aimy Plus Portal as an authorised collection person.  Please remember that the programme closes at 6.00pm. Parents who pick their children up any later than 6.00pm will be charged a fee of $20.00 for every 15 mins late or part thereof.

Holiday Programme Information
Child/ren will need to bring a morning and afternoon tea snack and lunch everyday plus a hat and warm jacket for cooler days. Children are asked not to bring valuable belongings to CASPA/Papa Jacks such as toys, electronic devices, phones etc. CASPA and Papa Jacks will not accept responsibility for loss or damage of said items.

Sick children are not permitted to attend the CASPA/Papa Jacks programme.

An additional $2.00 per child per day will be charged for late enrolments for the CASPA/Papa Jacks Holiday Programmes from 5pm Friday prior to the commencement of the holiday programme.

A chartered bus will be used for all transportation. Occasionally trips are altered due to bad weather or circumstances beyond our controlCASPA/Papa Jacks accepts no responsibility for this, but alternative activities will be arranged.

The CASPA Youth Holiday Programme may choose, where appropriate, to use public transport. This will be advised via the Holiday Programme Enrolment process.


Offsite Excursions

CASPA programmes will at times have special trips and activities that occur away from the main site. The trips are undertaken in accordance with the ‘Excursions/ Experience Outside the Venue and Transport” section of the CASPA Policy and Procedure document. I hereby give CASPA permission to transport your child/ren from a designated CASPA site of operation if and when required i.e. evacuation, group trip to a park, visit another CASPA venue for a few examples.

Our staff are trained to deal with emergencies. In the case of a serious accident involving my child, I hereby give my permission for the CASPA/Papa Jacks Team to either call an ambulance or take my child to the nearest medical facility first then I will be notified. I agree I will cover any costs. In a civil emergency the Team will remain at the centres until all children are collected.


Prescribed Medication
I hereby give permission to the CASPA/Papa Jacks Team to administer medically prescribed medication to my child. Full information on dosages will be provided with the medication. I understand that the Team will formally record each time a medication is administered. I will provide full detail on why medication needs to be prescribed. This is done by filling in a medical condition form or by updating your child’s medical profile in Aimy plus.

 Photographs of Children / Children's work

I acknowledge that photographs of my child or items of my child's work completed at the CASPA or Papa Jacks Programmes may be used at a later date for training, marketing and promotional purposes. I hereby give my consent for this unless, during the enrolment process, I select 'No' as an option regarding permission to photograph my child.

Notification of Absent

Please report all absence directly to the CASPA Office on 03 349 9260 or email info @caspa.org.nz or text 0273521638.

Two weeks’ notice, in writing, must be provided for any permanent cancellation of an enrolment. The notice period will begin from the date of formal, written notification via email to the CASPA Head Office. Failure to provide this notice period will result in full charges being applied for two weeks from either the child’s last day of attendance or the date of formal notification being received by Head Office. Any individual sessions 'cancelled' will be treated as an absence and fees will apply accordingly, i.e. family holidays, school camps.


Payment and Fees:
Fees are our main source of income. To operate efficiently we require that our fees be paid promptly.

  1. I agree to pay the fees as stipulated in the Fees policy found within the CASPA and Papa Jacks Fee Structure document, as advised during the enrolment process on Aimy Plus.
  2. I can make payments via Direct Credit to CASPA NZ Ltd, 03-1592-0293568-00. Please use your child's first and last name and account name as the reference. There is no charge for Direct Credit payments.
  3. I understand that making a payment via Ezeibit  that I will be charges administrative fees. CASPA/ Papa Jacks have no control over these fees. Details of full fees are available on the Ezeibit payment page.
  4. Once a Holiday Programme booking is confirmed, any changes or cancellations that are made will incur a 20% administration fee. Notification must be made in writing to the CASPA head office prior to the cut-off date or full payment will still be required for any changes or cancellations. NO other refunds are available for any reason including sickness, shy children etc. Full fees are payable if the child is absent from a confirmed booking, for whatever reason. 
    The cut-off date is one week prior to the commencement of the Holiday Programme. Full fees are payable for any late cancellation of a confirmed booking.
    Full fees are payable if CASPA/Papa Jacks is closed due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.
    Session swaps/changing of days are not available. Extra days can be added if space is available.
  5. I understand that any refunds will accrue a $20.00 administration fee.
  6. In the event of wet weather and where available CASPA will transport the Cotswold walking children to CASPA Isleworth using a reputable bus company, company vehicle or approved Private vehicle. I agree if this required that I will be invoiced a $5.00 transportation fee.
  7. A ten percent (10%) penalty will be charged for fee payments in arrears more than three weeks. Interest on overdue invoices shall accrue daily from the date when payment becomes due, until the date of payment at a rate of ten percent (10%) per calendar month and at CASPA/Papa Jacks sole discretion such interest shall compound monthly at such a rate.
  8. In the event that your payment is dishonoured for any reason then you shall be liable for any dishonour fees incurred by CASPA/Papa Jacks.
  9. If fees remain unpaid within fours, your child may be removed from the programme until payment has been received and the debt may be referred to our Debt Collection Agency and all collection costs will be added to the amount outstanding.
  10. Without prejudice to any other remedies CASPA/Papa Jacks may have, if at any time you are in breach of any obligation (including those relating to payment, providing 2 emergency contacts and any medical/ behaviour details about your child that you have enrolled) CASPA/Papa Jacks have the right to terminate the enrolment and is absolved of its other obligations under the Terms and Conditions. CASPA/Papa Jacks will not be liable to you for any loss or damage that you may suffer because CASPA/Papa Jacks has exercised its rights under this clause.

11. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you authorise CASPA/Papa Jacks:

·         collect, retain and use any information about you for the purpose of assessing your creditworthiness or marketing products and services to You; and

·         disclose information about You, whether collected by CASPA/Papa Jacks from you directly or obtained by CASPA/Papa Jacks from any other source, to any other provider or any credit reporting agency for the purposes of providing or obtaining a credit reference, debt collection or notifying a default by you.

Privacy and Confidentiality:
Where you are an individual the authorities under this clause are authorities or consents for the purposes of the Privacy Act 1993, you shall have the right to request from CASPA/Papa Jacks a copy of the information about you retained by CASPA/Papa Jacks and the right to request CASPA/Papa Jacks to correct any incorrect information about you held by CASPA/Papa Jacks.

I acknowledge that the information contained herein is confidential, and pursuant to the Privacy Act, will only be used by CASPA/Papa Jacks to effectively care for my child/ren and not used or distributed for any other purposes.

Representatives from the Ministry of Social Development OSCAR Approvals Team may view this information as part of the programme assessment process.

Policies and Procedures:

I agree to adhere to the policies and procedures that are set out in the CASPA policy and Procedures document, a copy of which can be viewed at any CASPA/Papa Jacks venue.

CASPA will give a minimum four weeks’ notice for any changes to the above Terms and Conditions. All changes will be communicated via email.

If you have any queries or concerns, the supervisor or management is always available for you.

We look forward to getting to know you and your child.